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The Challenge Facing Female Breadwinners and Their Families...

You carry so much of the load for your family - earning the money, keeping the house together, and emotionally supporting your husband and your kids - you wonder how could you possibly destroy your family. 


Even stepping into the breadwinner role was for your family. You wanted to continue your work and track record of success, but didn’t want your kids to be raised by others. Instead of sharing the financial burden with your husband, you took it on. 


It seemed perfect at first. You knew it would work because the sole breadwinner model has worked for men for years.


BUT, now you’re

  • Full of guilt, shame, and resentment 
  • Exhausted and chronically stressed 
  • Isolated and unfulfilled 
  • Trapped and can’t see how to change your situation

You wonder,

  • Can I succeed at work AND have a life?
  • Can my husband and I be true partners and lovers?
  • Can I be the mom I WANT to be without giving up my career?
  • Can I have the strong, connected, and loving family I thought I’d have?

The answer is yes.


I can help you do that.


Here’s why and how I help many people with this:


Why? I’m sick of seeing female breadwinners burned out and unfulfilled while their families fall apart. 


How? My discovery, truth, action framework is clear, proven, and reliably generates life changing results.


After years of building my career as a partner at Deloitte, I found my family broken by guilt, shame, resentment, and addiction. My husband, Todd, and I committed to creating our own family model that celebrates the best of each of us. Now, we have a relationship and life that I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago.


As a former Deloitte partner and current business owner, I understand the pressure and demands of building a fabulous career. I also understand how you can build your career authentically and recover from chronic stress and burnout. 


I have over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, am the author of bestselling book, BASE Jump and a co-author of the WarriHER Playbook, and speak locally, nationally, and globally.

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